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Russell Ingall is one of Australia’s most recognisable Motor Racing Drivers.

On track, his tough, hard racing attitude has earned him the nickname “The Enforcer”.  Off track he is the opposite.  He is an easy going, knowledgeable bloke who is used to talking to the guy on the factory floor, right through to the high end Executives from major corporations.  As a passionate Road Safety campaigner, lending his name to National media campaigns such as CARMA and Fatality Free Friday, Russell also has experience in various forms of Corporate Drive Days for clients over many years.

There are several options on the type of format that can be adopted, from driver training and road safety type of days to more performance related and fun.  Russell has first hand experience in not only hosting these events, but helping co-ordinate and put the entire event together.

For more information and if you would like Russell to work with you to plan a Corporate Drive Day for your Company or Group, please contact us via the contact page of this website.

Russell has many years experience as a Sporting Celebrity speaker at a diverse range of functions and corporate events, from Product Launches and Annual Conferences to MC at Corporate Events.He is experienced at giving motivational talks and relating them to the audience at hand as well as bringing the Star Quality to corporate functions. Russell’s personal recollection of his dedication and passion that has seen him compete around the world and succeed provide inspiration to guests and lessons in commitment, dedication and team work. Comparisons can be drawn between his struggles early in his career “climbing the ladder”, to the vast rewards and sense of achievement that his perseverance and determination gave him. Russell is adaptable to many varying audience types and able to mould the presentation to the audience on the go.  He is a master of controlling situations that change, particularly when things don’t go to plan, such as filling in time or speaking at short notice to cover gaps in presentations.His down to earth personality promise an authentic and engaging experience.Feedback from clients has been that “Russell is very easy to deal with, very accommodating in making arrangements for his presentation.  He provided ample time at the venue for guests to make conversation before and after his presentation and was well received by all. Most delegates detailed Russell’s presentation as being the “highlight” of the conference.If you would like to enquire about using Russell at one of your corporate events, please contact us via the contact page on this website.

Russell is well known for his down to earth, honest nature and he is used to dealing with a wide range of people from the guy on the factory floor right through to high level corporate executives.This makes Russell the ideal person to make a Special Appearance and help you engage with prospective clients.If you would like to enquire about using Russell for a Special Appearance, please contact us via the contact page on this website.

Won 27 V8 Supercars championship races

At 12 different circuits

Most Successful Circuit

Hidden Valley, NT, Australia. Six race wins from 27 race starts

Perkins Engineering and Stone Brothers Racing

Won 21 races with Perkins Engineering ​and 6 with Stone Brothers Racing

247 ATCC/V8SC Round Starts

Holds the record with 247 starts from 1996 – 2014. Received a Guinness Book of records award in 2013.