Welcome To My Official Website


Welcome to my official website.

Up until now, most of my websites have been linked with the teams I have been racing for over the years.

With my change from finishing up full time racing in V8 Supercars last year to a position with Fox Sports, I have had time to create this website and its content. The look and feel of the site is much like most others, the point of difference with this is one is I actually want it to be informative and functional.

I am introducing things like my regular car test segments and will be bringing you news on all things to do with motorsport and inside information that is normally not shared outside the inner circle of motorsport and the motor industry.

As always and what I am well known for, it will be totally unbiased and I am not sure too many other websites can claim that – especially in motorsport.

I certainly hope you enjoy the ride and I’ll be putting out alerts on social media with any new stories on the site.

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